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A - Z of a Successful Freelance IT Trainer: S is for Specialising

I am constantly asked "Which is better being a generalist trainer or a specialist trainer?"

I would always answer it depends on how much hard you want to earn your money?

Both has pros and cons, but in general when one looks around the specialists always tends to get paid more than the generalist.

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Granted the specialist could be seen as being more risky, especially if you specialise in a software field that has little demand, but if you get it right, then it will be easier for training agencies/brokers to find and use you.

One also has the additional advantage of potentially negotiating a really good daily rate.

By specialising it means that one can focus on that area, and have a more in-depth rounded knowledge of the topic, and when it comes to networking, your message will be short and sweet, allowing the recipient of the information to have a clear and concise message of what you do and what you deliver.

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