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Crystal Reports, Xcelsius (Dashboarding) and SQL Reporting Services Blog

Welcome to our blog of scribbles and musings designed to share with YOU our insights, knowledge and experience from training, designing and writing reports using Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Dashboarding (Xcelsius) for our customers.

Please contact us with any questions, queries and/or issues that may have arisen from your use of Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services and/or Crystal Xcelsius in response to out blog posts.

We love nothing better to be challenged by something that makes others scratch their heads Feed ME!!!!


The Things You Learn at a 42 Under 42 Dinner

I am lucky enough to be part of the North West 42 under 42 alumni, and as such get invited to their annual dinner this week.

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Why is my Crystal Reports being displayed unaligned?

A Crystal Reports client contacted us recently with a mis-alignment of their reports on some if their machines, when previewed or exported to PDF

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A Common Question w.r.t. Crystal Reports

When working with clients who have issues with their Crystal Reports report, the first question I ask is what version was the report written in?

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How Do I return the Previous Row Value in SSRS 2017

I recently had a client contact me, who wanted to return the previous row data.

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Why is Hide Duplicates in SQL Server Reporting Services Not Working?

A client contacted me recently, whose report displayed an extra blank line when hiding duplicates in the SSRS report

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