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Crystal Reports How Tos, Crystal Dashboarding (Xcelsius) How Tos and SQL Reporting Services How Tos

Crystal Reports & SQL Reporting Services How Tos

The Crystal Reports How Tos and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) How Tos web page was developed to address the fact that we at Maximum Impact Solutions know that the completion of any training course is just the foundation of any implementation of new skills by our delegates, and that learning does not stop once the training course is over.

In response to this fact we have created a number of How Tos tutorials:
  • Crystal Reports How Tos

  • SQL Server Reporting Services How Tos

This is an on-line tutorial reference library, which not only provides you access to course training manuals, but also provides registered users with an additional searchable learning resource that can be accessed when they need it.

Thus, allowing you to find out how to perform certain tasks quickly.

The Crystal Reports How Tos and SQL Reporting Services How Tos provide you with step-by-step how to instructions, for the following software:

  • Crystal Reports 7.0 2016 and/or

  • SQL Server Reporting Services 2000 2016

" The more extensive a man's knowledge of what has to be done, the greater will be his power of knowing what to do" - Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 41)

For each How To tutorial, you will also be able to download file copies of the:
  • How To Instructions,

  • Resultant PDF file,

  • Actual finished file and/or

  • Database the file is based on

The How Tos is a subscription based service*, but is free, for 6 months, to delegates who have completed one of our courses, for the topics that were covered during the course.

There are two annual paid How To subscriptions available, that allows you access to all the topics:

  • Individual training support 200 + vat, and

  • Site training support 1000 + vat

*Website registration is required

To find the required How To:

  1. Enter the required search term and/or keyword in the How To Document Search facility below

  2. Press the Search button

  3. Click on the How To heading to view the complete How To

  4. Click on the icon to down load the required PDFs, files and/or database

The following How Tos are currently available:
  • Crystal Reports How Tos

  • Crystal Xcelsius How Tos

  • Crystal Analysis How Tos and

  • SQL Server Reporting Services How Tos

If the particular How To does not exist Contact us

Complete the Online Enquiry Form telling us what your How To question is, and we will add this How To to the web site within 24 hours.

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