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A - Z of a Successful Freelance IT Trainer: L is for Learning

As a freelance trainer, you can never stop learning.

Just like Martinis, you can learn:Learning anytime, anyplace and anywhere

  •  Anytime,
  •  Any place,
  • Any where and from
  • Anyone.

As a freelance trainer, one has the freedom to take on new challenges and not only develop themselves, but also the business needs.

The whole world and environment are full of learning opportunites for:
  • Personal Growth
  • Learning & Development
  • Training Delivery
  • Sales &  Marketing
  • Business Strategy

Every day you may have to learn something new not just to keep you in the game, but also to keep you ahead of the game.

By learning I do not necessary mean attending a formal training event and/or webinar, and it may have nothing to do with the subjects that one delivers training in.

Even the training room, while one is delivering training, trainers can still learn something new from the delegates.  All because you are the trainer, does not mean that you know everything about that particular topic.

Remember you are running a business, and you are in the business of knowledge and learning.

The more you know about your business and what affects your business the more prepared you will be to take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Personally I book my learning time within my calendar for at least half a day a week, which I label as fun time, because I love learning and I really just see it a play.

I would like to hear your comments, experience, opinions and thoughts about this subject, please drop me a line or two below:


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