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Bill Gates Mandatory Vaccinations

The idea of Bill Gates wanting to mandatory vaccinate every man, woman and child against the Coronavirus Covd-19, before releasing us from the lockdown, is at best laughable and at worst a bit worrying.

Aside from the fact the to my knowledge, and please do feel free to correct me if I am wrong, Mr Gates does not hold a medical degree, or any degree that he's studied for, for that fact, how does one man have the audacity to dictate to the world what we do and allow to be injected into our bodies?

We then have to think of our collective experiences of the software of Microsoft, and its ever lasting updates, and let's not forget the dreaded blue screen of death....

So taking all this on board, my response to this mandatory vaccination program is....

Response to Bill Gates mandatory Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine policy

What do you guys think?

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