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How Do I a Set Number of Records per Page in SSRS?

The client needed as report that displayed no more than 7 records per page of their report in SQL Server Reporting Services:

When one looks at the page break location options in SSRS 2008, you have 5 options:
  • None
  • Start
  • End
  • End and Start, or
  • Between


To create a report that returns only 7 records per page:

  1. Create a new report, and the required datasource and dataset
  2. Add a Tablix object to the canvas
  3. Add the required fields to the tablix
  4. Click on any cell in the tablix
  5. Right Click on the Detail Row selection button
  6. Select Add Group - Row Group - Parent Group
  7. In the Tablix Group dialog box, in the Group By expression box, enter:


  8. Press the OK button

    This adds a Group 1 section to the tablix, and in the Row Group Section at the bottom of the screen

  9. In the Row Groups section at the bottom of the screen, select the down arrow of Group 1
  10. Select the Group Properties
  11. In the Group Properties dialog box:

    • General - Name: Page_Break_Group

    • Page Breaks - Between each instance of a group

    • Sorting - Select the Sort expression column and press the Delete button

  12. Press the OK button

  13. On the tablix, Right click the Group 1 column
  14. Select Delete Columns
  15. in the Delete Columns dialog box, select the Delete Columns only
  16. Press the OK button
The report now only displays 7 records per page

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