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How Do I Create a Gradient Shaded Background Report in Crystal Reports 2008?

A client recently asked me I how do I create a gradient shaded background effect to a report, using Crystal Reports 2008?


To create this gradient shade effect one has to use the Color function, which determines the Red Green and Blue constants of the colour, and a loop to increase the value, as one moves down the report.

To create a shaded gradient report background:
  1. Create a formula field called Details Colour

  2. Add the following formula:

  3. WhilePrintingRecords;
    NumberVar Colour;
    If Colour + 4 >= 255
    Then Colour := 0
    Else Colour := Colour + 4;

  4. Add the Details Colour formula field to the Details section of the report

  5. Select the formula field and suppress it

  6. Create  a formula field called Header Colour

  7. Add the following formula:

  8. WhilePrintingRecords;
    NumberVar Colour :=0;

  9. Add to the Header Colour formula field to the Page Header Section

  10. Select the Header Colour formula field and suppress it

  11. From the Report Menu select the Section Expert option

  12. In the Section Expert dialog box, select the Page Header Section

  13. Click on the Color Tab

  14. Press the [x + 2] button of the Background Colour option

  15. Enter the following formula:

  16. NumberVar Colour;
    RGB (Colour,255,255);

  17. Press the Save and Close button

  18. select the Details Section

  19. Press the [x + 2] button of the Background Colour option

  20. Enter the following formula:

  21. NumberVar Colour;
    RGB (Colour,255,255);

  22. Press the Save and Close button

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Jeniffer Gonzalez

Como puedo hacer para combinar la gama de colores de acuerdo a mi criterio usando la función Color(Red, Green, Blue) Agradezco la ayuda.


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