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You cannot be serious?

One of the perils of training is on-site training.  You will never know where you will be delivering the training, until you get there.

It makes me laugh sometimes, that bearing in mind the client has complete control, that they do not think "what would be the best location, that will be condusive for learning?"

Over the years I have been asked to train in a myriad of "training rooms", from the quirky to the ridiculous, where I have asked myself, "you must be joking? ", but ever the professional the show must go on.

One example that makes me laugh now, was to deliver a MS Project course to 6 delegates, in the back of an office that was an old war bunker.   There was hardly any room to swing a cat, and it contained an over large table stacked high with various papers and folders, filing cabinets and a photocopier machine.

Training Room

To say it was a tight squeeze would be an understatement!  Somehow I managed to get 6 delegates with laptops, a flipchart and  me in and deliver the course.

Luckily for me I was wearing a trouser suit so I could  clamber over and crawl under the furniture with dignity!

The irony was that the training was being delivered in a university, surely there was a classroom empty somewhere on campus?


What has been your most quirky or ridiculous training room you have ever delivered training?


Jan Ortiz

I delivered Crystal Reports training in a pychiactric ward of a hospital. The patients were on the other side of a glass wall and they stood, faces pressed against the glass and drooling, all day everyday for the entire week I was there. It was difficult to concentrate for myself and my students to say the least!


Hi Jan, Yes I can see that this would be very challenging. How did you remain so professional and keep a straight face. Julia

Jan Ortiz

Hi Julia, It was really tough. I had to focus all my attention on the class participants and I tried not to look over to the glass wall area of our space. One day the staff decided to take these patients out to the bowling alley which was situated across the highway from the hospital. Nineteen patients with only two staffers! I am thinking that it's a BAD IDEA. Apparently they do this from time to time without incident. This time; however, as they were leaving the bowling alley to walk back to the hospital a violent thunderstorm broke and one of the patients ran. The two staffers could not chase him as they had to stay with the other eighteen. It turns out he ran back to the hospital and was waiting at the door to the ward. He had been waiting for about ten minutes and we're all wondering why he is loose and on his own. When the others came in they were completely soaked. The staffers immediately began chastising the man who was waiting for them. They said stuff like "We were worried about you!" "You know you are never supposed to run away!" "We didn't know where you went!" Blah Blah Blah And he then says to them, "I may be crazy but I'm not stupid." Well with that we couldn't help but burst out laughing. We probably laughed for a good half hour or so! I am laughing now as I recall this very funny episode from my years of training. Regards, Jan


Hi Jan, Thanks for the really great story. It really made me laugh too, and I think I will have a smile on my face for the rest of tha day. They say there is a think line between genius and madness, nowhere does it say stupid!! Thanks Julia


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