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How Do I Create a UK VAT Custom Function in Crystal Reports?

During a recent training session, I was asked by one of the delegates, "How do I create a custom function, that calculates the VAT rates for the UK, in crystal Reports 2008?"

The UK VAT Rates, have been up and down like a yo-yo, over the last few years, and the delegate, wanted a quick and easy way to calculate the correct VAT rate, based on the database invoice date field.


One can create a custom function from the Report Menu - Formula Workshop

Press the New button and name the custom function

Enter the following formula syntax:

Function (DateTimeVar DateField)

NumberVar VAT_Rate;

Select DateField
    Case  upfrom #Jan 4, 2011# :
        VAT_Rate := .20
    Case  #Dec 1, 2008# To #Dec 31, 2009#:
        VAT_Rate := .15
    Default :
        VAT_Rate := .175;


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