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How Do I Display the Description Field of a Dynamic Parameter in Crystal Reports?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been asked a number times how do I display the description field values of the selected dynamic parameter field in Crystal Reports?

Unfortunately currently there is no feature, formula or function that is available to easily display the corresponding description field of the value selected from the Dynamic parameter field, like in SQL Server Reporting Services.


A possible solution to resolve this issue is to create a linked subreport, which displays the description field of the parameter.
  1. Create the report as usual

  2. Create the Dynamic Parameter:

    Create Customer Dynamic Parameter Field

  3. Use the Select Expert to filter the report based on the values selected by the user, from the parameter

    Select Expert using Parameter field

  4. Create a new report, using only the table of the dynamic parameter

  5. Add the dynamic parameter description field ({Customer.Customer name}) to the Details section

  6. Move the field heading object to the Report Header section

  7. Change the field heading to "Selected Customer(s)"

  8. Sort the report by the {Customer.Customer name} field

  9. Suppress all the blank sections

  10. Save the report as Selected Customers

  11. Insert the Selected Customer report, using the Insert Subreport button

  12. Link the subreport to the main report using the {?Select Customer} parameter field and the {Customer.Customer ID} field

    Linking Subreport to main report using parameter

  13. Add the Sub report object to the Report Header section

  14. Refresh the report

  15. Select the required parameter values

    Parameter Selection dialog box

  16. Press the OK button

    Completed report displaying the parameter description in Crystal Reports

If you have any questions, leave us a comment below, or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Zaki Zainon

This method works like a charm. This is what I need. It's just perfect. Thank you very much.


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