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Garbage in Garbage Out

Currently we are in the grip of a worldwide pandemic. In the UK, the government is using the results of the PCR test as the basis for all the decisions of lockdowns.

It's bad enough that this particular test was never designed by the inventor for this particular application, but to matters worse, the government is moving the goal posts, with regards to its positive results in relation to death!

This is where the who Covid Pandemic looses its credibility, if this virus is as deadly as the government would have us believe, why would one need to have this caveat on the Office of National Statistics website: Deaths could possibly be counted in both causes presented. If a death had an underlying respiratory cause and a mention of COVID-19 then it would appear in both counts.

In addition to this, the government initially now deemed that if one dies within 28 days of a positive Covid test result, then on the death certificate the cause of death is recorded as Covid, regardless of whether one died of a heart attack, stroke, pneumonia or was hit by a bus!

This has quietly now been extended to 60 days!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but when the data does not stack up to the narrative, and the goal posts keep moving, one has to ask, what the George Orwell is going on here?

If the science is sound, then the data is solid, so one does not need such shenanigans to prove a point.

What are your thoughts?

Please drop your perspective on this data, in the comments below

Anon ymous

That's right! It's only getting worse. This is not over..but the whole world over is waking up. Look into: Germ Theory, Biophotonics, fasting and autophogy, the invisible rainbow.... If you are red pilled, it's time to take the black pill!


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