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Improved Pre and Post Training Evaluation

It is a myth, that training is an expensive waste of time.

For training to be effective it needs to address the skills and knowledge gap of the learner.

And as such training needs to be:
  • Relevant to both the organisation and delegate
  • Measured before the training and
  • Evaluated after the training event

Most training companies, adopt either a basic level, or no training needs analysis at all, before the training event, and post course evaluations consist of the Kirkpatrick (1994) - Level 1 (Reaction), commonly known as "Happy Sheets", which only addresses the question "What was the reaction of the learner to the learning experience?"

In order to address this issue, Maximum Impact Solution is developing on-line Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Post Course Evaluation solutions.

From her years of working with numerous training companies and organisations, Julia Emelogu, has become frustrated time and time again by having to deliver training to delegates, who have been placed on the wrong course, in order for them to achieve the skills and knowledge needs of both the organisation and the individual delegate, so that it enables and empowers them to improve the job performance and effectiveness.

As MIS delivers bespoke training, Julia felt that the best way to deliver spectacular IT training that has a lasting effect on their clients, they needed a system that identified and understood the training needs of both the delegate and their organisation.

As such an extensive training needs analysis (TNA) system has been designed that measures the current skill levels of the delegates' and uses this as a baseline.

Following the training, the delegates will be evaluated again, and the results will record the change in knowledge, performance and efficiency due to the training, which enables MIS to deliver evaluation to all 4 levels of Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model (1994), which consists of:

  • Level 1: Reaction - What is the reaction of the learner to the learning

  • Level 2: Learning - What has the learner actually learnt, as a result of the learning experience

  • Level 3: Behaviour - To what extent has the behaviours of the learner changed as a result of the learning experience (Commonly referred to as "Transfer of Learning to the Workplace")

  • Level 4: Results - How much better is the organisation performing as the result of the learner's experience from the learning programme

With this level of evaluation it would also be possible to calculate an return on investment (ROI), showing how much value has been added, as a result of the learning programme.

To discuss your training needs or to find out more about our Training TNA and Post Course Evaluation Service use the Contact Us link

This new service will be available from the 14th June 2008

Added: 31/03/2008