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Crystal Reports & SQL Reporting Services Case Studies

Highland Council

The Highland Council, uses the repairs maintenance system TOTAL.

They wanted to be able to create a number of management information reports, to meet reporting needs of the organisation, using Crystal Reports XI.


It was decided that the best solution for this client would be to design a bespoke Crystal Reports XI course, which will cover the necessary topics required for them to meet their specific reporting requirements.

The training session would include the use of the views of the TOTAL database, with both the demos and exercises being designed to create some of the reports required by the organisation.

At the end of the 2 day training course, delegates had a suite of reports, that allowed them to answer critical business questions and issues, as well as a better understanding of their database, data and how things interlink.

On completion of the training there will be 6 months phone, email and phone support for all delegates.

"The course you delivered has been significantly beneficial for my team members and to the organisation. Because you gave consideration to our own dataset and some report examples provided by us, prior to coming on-site, this made the training more relevant. With the data being familiar staff members learned more by association.

Some of the effects include creating dynamic reports which help us manage performance. Our inexperience at using the software meant we could not tap into the valuable dataset. We are still learning but have a suite of reports in place exporting into Excel. This allows for many more users to access the data.

We are very grateful for your ongoing support."


Related Comments

" My main objectives of attending this course was to gain knowledge of creating and manipulating reports.

On completing the course I feel this will greatly assist me in creating reports that will provide staff/manager with required data only available through Crystal.

Although a lot of information, course dealt with new topics in logical order.

The trainer was extremely helpful and knowledgable. "


" On completion of the course I fell I have a complete understanding of Crystal Reports.

Fantastic Trainer - very well organised and very knowledgable - Excellent! "


" My main objectives of attending this course was to learn as much as possible and gain an understanding of Crystal Reports.

Very informative, very detailed course with excellent trainer.

Lots of information to digest from the 2 day course though.

6 weeks on:

I have been successfully using Crystal Reports ever since! "



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