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Welcome to our blog of scribbles and musings designed to share with YOU our insights, knowledge and experience from training, designing and writing reports using Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Dashboarding (Xcelsius) for our customers.

Please contact us with any questions, queries and/or issues that may have arisen from your use of Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services and/or Crystal Xcelsius in response to out blog posts.

We love nothing better to be challenged by something that makes others scratch their heads Feed ME!!!!


Garbage in Garbage Out

The beauty of data and data analysis is that if you have an agenda you can manipulate it to give you the desired results

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2020 Covid Scorecard

The UK is currently on its 3rd lockdown, so with things being a bit slow, I thought I would have a look at the data for Covid mortality for 2020

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An exercise in understanding the Coronavirus Death Figures Part V

Liverpool is currently in Tier 3 of lockdown in the UK, so I thought I would have one last look at the death figures for 2020 compared to previous years.

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Coronavirus 6 UK Government 0

With all the shenanigans that is going on with this loosing battle of controlling a virus....

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An exercise in understanding the Coronavirus Death Figures Part IV

We are now in the 8th month of lockdown, Liverpool is in Tier 3, so that means I have some extra time on my hands to have a look at the Covid mortality figures again.

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My Head is begining to hurt....

This is the latest release by the UK government with regards how its is counting Covid testing and positive cases

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Does this really make sense?

I am not sure what is really going on with this Coronavirus narrative

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Bill Gates Mandatory Vaccinations

Bill Gates wants to mandatory vaccinate the global population against the Coronavirus

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The Green Thing

I was sent this as a block email, but thought I would add it to my blog instead of forwarding to all my contacts, The Green Thing!!!

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Something to Think About

I was sent this as a block email, but thought I would add it to my blog instead forwarding to all my contacts How Old is GrandMa?

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