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Institute of IT Trainers - Freelance Trainer of the Year 2006 & 2009
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  Maximum Impact Solutions Limited - Reporting Solutions, Creating Answers
Reporting Solutions - Creating Answers, Crystal Reports, Dashboarding (Xcelsius) & SQL Reporting Services


2 days

The course is designed to provide delegates with extensive and in-depth knowledge of Crystal Reports XI.
Allowing report designers to create reports that will analyse and interpret business information.

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to:
* Create Advanced Formulas,
* Create Specialised Reports,
* Create Parameterized Reports,
* Create Crosstabs, and
* Use the Repository

Review of Crystal Report Introduction Topics
Creating basic reports
Adding and linking databases
Selecting, grouping and summarizing
Creating formulas
Applying Single Value Parameters

Creating Complex Formulas
Using the Running Total Expert
Using variables in formulas
Creating running totals formulas
Understanding the multiple pass reporting
Using the evaluation time functions
Creating formulas using multiple variables
Create Custom Functions
Use Custom Functions
Modify Custom Functions

Creating Paramaterized Reports
Overview of Parameters
Creating parameter fields
Using parameter fields for record selection and sorting criteria
Using parameter fields to apply conditional formatting
Creating Dynamic Parameters
Creating Cascading Dynamic Parameters
Using Parameters to Apply Conditional Formatting to Reports

Working with Crosstabs
Overview of Cross-Tab Reports
Using the Cross-Tab Expert
Modifying Cross-Tab reports
Formatting cross-tab sections
Modifying Cross-Tab layout options
Inserting multiple rows, columns and summarized fields
Using formula fields in cross-tab reports
Applying parameter fields to cross-tab reports
Applying cross-tab to groups

Working with Report Alerts
Overview of Alerts
Create an Alert Report
Create a Parameterised Alert Report

Using the Dependency Checker and the Work Bench
Using the Dependency Checker
Using the Crystal Reports Work Bench

Working with Report Templates
Overview of Crystal Report Templates
Applying Built-in Crystal Report Templates
Create Templates without Data
Removing Report Templates

Working with Sub Reports
Overview of Sub Reports
Inserting unlinked sub reports
Formatting sub reports
Inserting linked Sub reports
Creating on-demand sub reports

Working with the Repository
Overview of the Repository
Defining the Repository
Adding Folders to the Repository
Adding Items to the Repository
Using Repository Items in Reports
Modifying and Updating Repository Items
Deleting Items from the Repository

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