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Crystal Reports & SQL Reporting Services Case Studies

North West NHS Hospital Trust

This north west hospital trust, uses the Operating Room Management Information System software, ORMIS, in their theatres. The key stakeholders needed a number of management information reports, to report the utilisation and costs of the theatres of the hospital.

Their current reporting solution used Microsoft Access and Excel, but this solution:

  • Was very labour intensive, and took too long compile,

  • Information was only accessable to one person

  • There was no effective data quality checking

  • Key stakeholders were not able to get the information they needed to make effective decisions

  • Key stakeholders were not aware of the amount of data stored within the ORMIS system.

The trust needed a reporting solution that would allow key stakeholders to get the information they wanted in a timely fashion, in a format they could use.

The solution would also have to include data quality, error checking and exception reports, to ensure that the data was being entred correctly into ORMIS, by highlighting any anormalies of the system.


Using SQL Report Services 2005 a suite of interactive reports was created to record various key performance indicators, including:

  • Theatre and Session Utilisation

  • Surgeon's and Anaesthetist's LogBooks

  • Needle to Skin Times

  • Knife to Skin Times

  • Session Late Starts, and the reasons

  • Cancelled Operations, and the reasons

  • Surgeon Procedure Completion Statistics

  • Cost of inventory used during operations

Using SQL Server Reporting Services Report Manager, the reports were made accessible on-line to the key stakeholders, which included the executive board of the hospital trust.

A number of reports were set up to be delivered to some stakeholders by email at scheduled times, to ensure they had the information at the right time for them, while other will access their reports from a shared network drive, on a regular basis.

The overall benefit to the hospital trust is that more people within the trust have access to reports which will answer their key questions, with regards to the operational side of the operating theatres, more effectively and efficiently.

Related Comments

" Julia has proved to be a quick learner in respect to the systems and processes within an Acute Trust.

She approaches all her tasks in a professional and meticulous manner.

She has displayed excellent skills in database design and analysis and completed all tasks she was set "

Project Manager: A P

" Julia is self motivated and enthusiastic with the ability to translate user requirements into practical solutions.

She is highly organised, taking a structured approach to her work.

She is a good communicator and very much a team player able to overcome resistance to change and remain focussed on the targets. "

Informatics: T M


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