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How Do I use a parameter to control the visibility of an image in Crystal Reports?

A client recently asked "How does one use a parameter to display the correct company logo on a standard report in Crystal Reports?"


  1. Create a parameter that lists all the company names

  2. Create a Group Header using the Company Name field

  3. Add a select criteria using the Company Name field:

       {Tablename.Fieldname} = {?Parameter Fieldname}

  4. Add all the required the images to the Group Header section

  5. Right click on image

  6. In the Format Editor dialog box, click on the General Tab

  7. Press the Conditional Format button of the Suppress option

  8. Enter the following formula:

      {Group Name Field} <> {?Parameter Fieldname}

  9. Press the Save and close button

  10. Press the OK button of the Format Editor dialog box

  11. Repeat steps 5 - 11 for all the other images

  12. Select all the images

  13. Align all images on top of each other


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