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How Do I List All the Descriptions of Tables, Views and Fields of a SQL Database?

Recently while working with a client when they asked, "How does one list all the tables and views, with their fields and descriptions of a SQL database?"

To list all the tables and views fields and their corresponding descriptions, within an SQL database:

SELECT as [Table Name], as [Column Name], 
tableprop.value as [Table Description], colprop.value as [Col Description]


sysobjects INNER JOIN syscolumns ON =
left outer JOIN sysproperties tableprop ON = and tableprop.type = 3
left outer JOIN sysproperties.colprop ON = and colprop.type = 4
and colprop.smallid = syscolumns.colid

WHERE sysobjects.xtype in ('U','V')

Order by sysobjects.xtype, syscolumns.ColID,

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