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How Do I Modify the Email Hyperlink in Crystal Reports?

Last week a client asked "How can one modify the An E-mail Address mailto: hyperlink in Crystal Reports, to add additional information, such as CC, BCC, Subject and/or body of text?"


In Crystal Reports there are 5 types of hyperlink: 

  • A website on the internet

  • Current website field value

  • An Email Address

  • A File, and

  • Current Email Address


To add a hyperlink to a report object: 

  1. Select the report object

  2. Either:

    • Press the Hyperlink button on the toolbar, or

    • From the Format menu select the Hyperlink option


  1. Right click on the report object

  2. Select Format Object (Field, Text or Graphic)

  3. In the Format Editor dialog box, select the Hyperlink Tab:

 Crystal Reports Hyperlink dialog box for Email, Websites and Files


Note: Depending on what type of report object the hyperlink will be attached to will control, what hyperlink options, one will have active and access to.


With the An E-mail Address hyperlink, by default the hyperlink command is Mailto:, but in addition to this there are further codes that allows users to further modify the generate email information, when the hyperlink is clicked.


There are a number of options that can be used with the mailto: command:


  • &cc Used to list the emails to have a copy of email, which will be visible to the recipient of the email.
  • &bcc Used to list the blind carbon copy email addresses, which will not be visible to the recipient of the email.
  • Subject Holds the subject matter of the email.
  • &Body Holds the body text of the email


An Email Address Hyperlink commands


In all cases the command is entered in the Hyperlink information section.


The default code to send an email to one recipient is: 

mailto: toaddress


To send an email to multiple recipients:


Add all the email addresses separated by commas or semi-colons

mailto: toaddress1; toaddress2; toaddress3


To send an email to one recipients and cc another: 



To send an email with the subject: 

mailto:toaddress?subject= This is a example of modifying the email command


To send an email with the subject and message: 

mailto:toaddress?subject= This is a example of modifying the email command&body=Hi There, can you please check this works. Contact me to confirm


Note: It is possible to have multiple lines in the email message, by repeating the &body command, but not all email systems support this.


Note: To change the Tool tip for the hyperlinked object, add the required text in the Tool Tip Text textbox, on Format Editor dialog box, on the Common Tab.

If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact Us



Hi Aasish,

Add them separated with semi-colons or commas, as stated in the blog post.


Aasish Arora

What if you have more than one url that you would like to add to a text box?

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Is it possible to attach a file?


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