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How Do I Create a Watermark Report in Crystal Reports?

Last week a client asked "How does one create a watermark report in Crystal Reports?"

To create a watermark report in Crystal Reports, one has to use the Underlay Following Sections feature of Crystal Reports.

Below are the steps to create a report with a watermark on each page:
  1. Create the report
  2. From the Report menu, select the Section Expert option
  3. In the Section Expert dialog box, select the Page Header section
  4. Press the Insert button, at the top
  5. Select the Page Header b section
  6. Select the Underlay Following Sections option, on the Common Tab at the bottom
  7. Press the OK button
  8. From the Insert menu, select the Picture option
  9. In the Open dialog box, select the required image
  10. Press the OK button
  11. The Picture will be attached to the mouse pointer, click in the Page Header b section
  12. Resize and move the image within the Page Header b section as required
  13. Preview the report

Note: Crystal Reports can only resize and crop pictures.  There is no control for transparency.  To do this the image must be formatted using image manipulation software, such as  Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop, before being added to the report.

jack chander

Hi I am having issues with watermark appearing in front on lines held within the report I am working on the data output appears in front of the Watermark ( how you would expect it ) however any lines within the report are being displayed and printed behind the watermark. I have tried creating a sub report and moving the sub report and the image "ToBack" but this still does not work can anyone help????


Hi Jack, Thank you for your comment.

You have not said where you have put the image, so I assume that you have put it in the page header section and underlayed that section?

Layering will not produce the watermark, as this is a section formatting feature that can only be achieved buy having one section layered over another. Your method will just layer objects one on top of the other.

If you are adding a sub report into the main report, depending on which section you add it to, will dictate whether you need to add the watermark to the sub report or not.

If you could give me some more information about the structure of your report, where you have added the image that is being used as the watermark and also which section you have underlayed, then I can advise you better.



Myat Hnin



I have added a watermark picture, but i want the lines to appear on the watermark picture, how can i do that. Thank you


Hi Vivian, You need at add any lines to the actual image you are using as the watermark, Crystal Reports cannot be used to do this. Cheers Julia


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