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What's this BIGMUL function in SQL Reporting Services?

So I have just noticed the BIGMUL function in SQL Server Reporting Services, which really intrigues me.

To date I have never used it, but I thought I would check it.

When looking at the description, in SSRS for this function, in usual Microsoft fashion:

Produces the full product of two 32-bit numbers.

Makes things as clear as mud!

To the lay person, what this means, is that i you are multiplying 2 numerical fields, that creates a value bigger than a 32 bit number (2,147,483,647), then this function is for you.

If you use the expression:
=2147483647 * 2147483647
The report will produce an error message

However if you use the expression:
=BIGMUL(2147483647 * 2147483647)
The report will run, and show the value 4,611,686,014,132,420,609

This is really going to come in handy with some of my manufacturing and financial industry clients.

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