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SQL Reporting Services Missing in Action in Visual Studio 2017

Recently I have had a number of clients contacting me because on upgrading to Visual Studio 2017, they cannot migrate their SQL Server Reporting Services Project

The Issue:

What I found in both cases is a curious thing.

In previous versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, the Business Intelligence suite of which SQL Reporting Services sits in included.

However for some unknown reason the latest versions of Visual Studio (2015 - 2017) does not!

So when my clients try to migrate from  lower version of SQL Server Reporting Services to SSRS 2017 with Visual Studio it results in an error message, which although states a lot, really is of limited use!

When I have gone in and seen what projects I can create in Visual Studio 2017, noticeably the SQL Server Reporting Services Project and Project Wizard are missing.


It appears that Microsoft has moved over to Extensions

Download and install the required SQL Server Reporting Services Extensions from:

Microsoft Reporting Services Projects

Microsoft RDLC Report Designer for Visual Studio

To install these extensions:

  1. Launch Visual Studio 2017
  2. Go to Tools Menu
  3. Select Extensions and Updates
  4. In the Extensions and Updates dialog box, select the Online option
  5. Click in the Search Visual Studio Marketplace dialog box, top right hand corner
  6. Type in Report
  7. Press return
  8. Select Microsoft Rdlc Report Design for Visual Studio
  9. Press the Download button
  10. Select Microsoft Reporting Services Project
  11. Press the Download button
  12. Press the Close button
  13. Close Visual Studio 2017

    The extensions will install

  14. Open Visual Studio 2017

SQL Server Reporting Services will be installed

If you have any questions, leave us a comment below, or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact Us


Thank you that was really helpful

Training Dept

Glad you got it to work :)

Jim Denney

Still no wizards. This version of VS is really screwed up.


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