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SQL Reporting Services and Nevron

We have been so busy lately, that when we were asked about Nevron, we had to admit we had never heard of it!

Which of course we had to put right straight away, and so with a quick Google search we found out what this mysterious Nevron was.

For those not in the know it turns out that Nevron is an alternative charts and gauges plug in for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), to give ones reports more desirable looking charts and gauges.

We spent a good 3 days demoing and testing its charting and gauge capabilities, and was impressed with the outcome.

Its formating capabilities are controlled via an SQL database, which is an interesting way to hold all the formating variable values, and therefore one has more options to play around with, by simply accessing the database and adding to these.

All in all compared to the current graph and gauge formatting options one has a lot more flexibility, and I am sure there are a lot of report designer who would love this plugin because of this, including ourselves.


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